HMI/SCADA virtualization

HMI/SCADA virtualization

SCADA and other industrial software applications are widely used nowadays. However, in many cases, those applications are run on dedicated hardware. With all the benefits of using separate PCs for running such applications, there are several drawbacks, with dependence on specific hardware vendor (or even specific model of the system) being the major one.

Virtualization and server consolidation technologies bring certain benefits for running centralized SCADA servers - hardware independency, high availability via  offline or live migration capabilities, easy backup and restore etc. However, virtualizing an existing setup may be a complicated task.

Nexus IT Solutions has gathered a significant experience in virtualizing new and existing SCADA and MES applications from GE, Siemens, Allen-Bradley and other software and hardware vendors.

With Nexus IT Solutions, you may achieve a high level of availability (99.999% and higher) for mission-critical applications, still remaining in tight budget frames - and all of that running for years without a risk of being unable to locate spare parts for your industrial PC.


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