Enterprise Virtualization

Virtualization and Consolidation

Nexus IT Solutions' staff have a large amount of experience in the design and implementation of virtualization solutions and consolidation of servers and workstations, based on a variety of infrastructure configurations and tools tailored to customer requirements. Nexus IT Solutions has gathered a special expertise in virtualization of industrial applications, such as HMI/SCADA and Historian servers.

We work with a broad range of partners, providing diverse products for different customer needs according to scale, performance requirements, future growth prospects and budgetary considerations. From basic server and desktop virtualization projects for the SMB sector, to comprehensive private cloud and complex VDI projects, you can count on Nexus IT Solutions.

Our expertise

  • Planning and execution of server virtualization and consolidation projects
  • Legacy system analysis and comparison of alternative solutions for implementing virtualization within the organization
  • Characterization of computing environment requirements – overall solution architecture design (storage array, backup system, DRP) and its implementation accordingly
  • Planning VDI projects, Secure Browsing and workstation consolidation
  • Converting physical servers to virtual servers (P2V) and vice versa (V2P, V2V)
  • Information security for virtual environments
  • Design of backup systems , survivability, and business continuity in virtual and physical environments
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