Naval and Maritime

Haifa Port

Quite simple replacement of malfunctioning piece of hardware may become an impossible mission during sailing. Through design and implementation of redundant IT infrastructure without single point of failure, Nexus IT Solutions helps you achieve an island of stability on most tossing sea.

Areas of expertise

  • EC 60945, IEC 61162-1/2, IACS-E10-compliant platforms for marine applications
  • Fault-tolerant system design
  • IP67 sealed computers and device servers

Services and Solutions

  • Secure and reliable maritime and offshore networking
  • Wireless networking applications for smart harbor communication and ocean liner connectivity
  • Design and implementation of robust, fault-tolerant computing platforms for marine applications

Segment-Specific Project Examples

Precise Time Synchronization

Precise Time Synchronization

Just on time. Count on it.Protect your industrial IT systems with secure, precise, automatic and reliable time...
High Availability

High Availability

Achieving high level of availability is a complex task. One could not manage to go beyond 99% availablility without a...
Proven marine-grade Ethernet switches

Proven marine-grade Ethernet switches

An increasing number of automation control manufacturers, such as PLC and field I/O manufacturers, now produce products...
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