Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Nexus IT Solutions brings the power of enterprise applications to customers who cannot afford enterprise data centers, as well as to large companies  that have concerns about using the public cloud or who prefer to maintain the cloud by themselves.  Our team provides the knowledge and experience needed to deploy a cloud service in the organization in a fast, reliable, and smooth manner with no data loss, no downtime, and no headaches.

Over time, information technology becomes, easier to use, but also more sophisticated and complex. There are few businesses today that do not rely on computers, whether it be for CRM and ERP systems, e-mail and collaboration services, web sites, or intranet web portals, and the list is getting longer.

However, as applications become de-facto business-critical, the company cannot afford long periods of down time, slow performance, or information loss.  For this reason, a more reliable infrastructure is needed such as a power grid, cooling systems, and physical security of the datacenter. These are only few of the challenges the System Administrator must face, not to mention planned and unplanned outages, spare equipment, having competent IT staff constantly on-site, and so on. Here, cloud services come into the picture, and not only with regard to outsourcing the information technology. 

The public cloud has the advantages of high reliability and security of managed services, cutting edge technology of modern applications, ease of use, and a comfortable pricing "pay as you grow" scheme. Private cloud systems, on the other hand, are the right choice for enterprise-level companies that still want to completely control the system by themselves, benefit from a flexible, scalable, and easy-to-deploy infrastructure, but not compromise their employees’ user experience and their ability to access to information from anywhere.

Our Expertise

  • Deployment of Microsoft cloud applications in public and mixed environments (Office 365, Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online)
  • Cloud-based hardware and software asset management
  • Collaboration services and applications on public, private and mixed clouds
  • Online backup and information archiving
  • Migration of legacy applications and data to cloud platform (VMware vFabric, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Asure, Google Apps)
  • Analysis, planning and implementation of cloud migration plans
  • Professional services and technical support


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