Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

We face crime everyday. From parking lots and shopping malls to even streets and secure facilities, CCTV is widely used today not only to detect and convict criminals, but also to prevent crime incidents at all. Learn how Nexus may help you make the city safer.

Nexus IT provides comprehensive, scalable and reliable video surveillance solutions for various industrial applications. We use the most recent technology of IP surveillance for maximum reliability, high resolution support and centralized control.

Our Solutions

  • Real-time process monitoring and recording
  • Remote monitoring of hazardous locations
  • Safety, security and crime prevention
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Container Management System (CMS) integration
  • Multi-source video analytics and event corellation
  • Long-term storage of video recordings

Benefits of IP video surveillance

  • High resolution (HDTV, 5MP, 7MP) video streams for most demanding needs
  • Easy installation by utilization of existing network infrastructure
  • Access to video stream from virtually anywhere
  • Open standards for multi-vendor equipment co-existense
  • Multiple streams from same source
  • Easy integration with advanced video analysis solutions
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