Tender Preparation

Tender Preparation

Nexus IT Solutions assists its customers to define and categorize business needs and challenges, and move the RFT documentation to the next level. The outcome of such an approach is well-defined, structured RFT documentation, which doesn't leave place for misunderstandings and gives good basis for comparison to the customer on one hand, and leaves no place for surprises to the competing vendors on the other.

Our customers' main business doesn't concern information technology, since IT resources mostly serve a business support roles rather than main productivity tools. From that reason, not rare are the cases when "going to tender" means delegating to the vendor a full responsibility not only on the project completion, but also on initial design and interpretation of customer needs. As a result, propositions from different vendors might be uncomparable. Moreover, the suggested solutions could merely answer only on part of customer needs, if at all!

With experience obtained on different projects, Nexus IT Solutions provides it's customers with information on modern technologies and best practices, which, in turn, coupled with the customers' needs, may be then converted to strict definition of desired solution. From that point, since the RFP documentation would define exact scope of work and products, it would be much easier to compare different vendor propositions and to decide in favor of one or another.

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