Application Infrastructure

Application Infrastructure

Industrial line-of-business applications are supposed to run for years, with minimum downtime. But are they capable to do so? Nexus IT Solutions has gathered a significant experience in design of solid application infrastructure for new as well as existing applications. With a minor effort, we can significantly shorten downtimes and achieve availability rates of 99.99% and higher. Learn how.

Unfortunately, most engineering vendors do not specialize on information technology. The software projects are not always thoroughly tested besides functionality aspects, and application sustainability may not rarely be questioned. There are different approaches to increasing application reliability over time, from expensive complete code redesign / rewriting to almost-free "turning a blind eye" on existing problems. Definitely, the outcome of the last are constant ongoing losses.

Our approach

Nexus IT Solutions utilizes modern technologies, such as virtualization, clustering and synchronous computing for increasing application reliability in the following aspects:

  • Abolishment of application dependability on particular hardware and possibility to migrate existing workflow to different physical hardware without stopping service
  • Frequent on-line backup of data and system and ability of almost immediate revert to previous state in case of outage due to human error or deliberate attack
  • Active-standby or active-active redundancy of critical components for virtually no downtime
  • Modular design with no single point of failure for better resilience, scalability and easier troubleshooting
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