LockStep ahead

Stratus FT Server

Keep Your Critical Applications Up and Running. All the Time.

For essential industrial applications like MES, automation, and data historians, even a few minutes of unplanned downtime can inflict serious consequences which only grow worse with the length of the outage. Stratus solutions are engineered to automatically prevent outages and data loss, ensuring your critical applications are up and running 24/7. 

Stratus solutions team integrates perpetual monitoring services with reliable hardware and software technologies to deliver assured uptime throughout your manufacturing operation. Combined with applications from leading manufacturing partners, these solutions enable you to:

  • Worry-free solutions that keep your production line up and running
  • Support infrastructure at remote sites with plug-and-play solutions designed for lights out operation
  • Lower your project costs by eliminating duplicate software license and the complexities that come with server clusters
  • Meet compliance requirements for data integrity and reliability in Life Sciences and other critically regulated industries
  • Leave your solutions in place longer with extended platform support that can last 5… 7… 10 years.

The ftServer fault-tolerant architecture eliminates single points of failure and addresses the hardware, software and serviceability issues that can lead to downtime and corruption or loss of critical data.

Lockstep processing: The system’s duplex hardware components process the same instructions at precisely the same time. If a component fails, its partner simply continues normal operations — without any downtime or data loss. Because replicated components perform the same instructions at the same time, there is zero interruption in processing, zero loss of performance, and zero loss of data integrity even if a component fails.

What Fault-Tolerant Servers Can Do For Your Business 

  • Lockstep processing ensures that any errors, even transient errors, are detected and that the system can survive any CPU-memory unit error without interrupting processing and without losing any data or state
  • Multi-path I/O ensures that any I/O operation failure will result in a retry using an alternate path that ensures successful completion of the I/O operation.
  • Lockstep architecture stores memory contents in at least two separate hardware components, protecting in-memory data from hardware failures.
  • Should a component fail the ftServer system’s hot-swappable Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) are easily replaced without tools.
  • Extensive use of status indicator LEDs and keyed components eliminate potential operator errors during service operations.


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