According to old saying, "Something that two people know is not a secret". In these days of high specialization, industrial espionage and cyber terrorism, it is important to minimize employees access to information as much as possible, and ideally grant limited, granular access rights only to those information and systems, which are required by the scope of responsibilities of the particular team member. Learn how Nexus IT Solutions can assist you.

Information security starts and ends with the people. Might it be sophisticated social engineering, terrible mistake or simple employee dishonesty, most occurrences of information loss or theft can be directly related to human factor. In order to avoid, or at least, minimize the risk, measures must be taken. And when it comes to information security, technology is only last resort.

Nexus IT Solutions assists it's customers to define and deploy information security policies, both on managerial and technological layers, resulting in higher productivity and less security incidents. 

Typical compartmentalization project consists from the following steps:

  • Definition of user roles within and outside the organization
  • Determination of security zones and role access levels for each zone
  • Assignment of relevant roles to each user 
  • Employee training and managerial-level preparation
  • Physical implementation of the security policies, backed by technology means
  • Ongoing incident monitoring and fine tuning
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