Network and IT Infrastructure

Network and IT Infrastructure

Nexus IT Solutions provides robust network infrastructure solutions by implementing the best practices and utilizing the most advanced technologies in computer networking. We specialize on industrial networking and fault-tolerant, highly avaiable networking solutions, for maximum utilization of the corporate resources and reliable operations.

Nowadays, the network is the cardio-vascular system of every enterprise. It provides the facilities to collaborate, store information, or just to access regular line-of-business applications. This is even before we speak of Internet, cloud computing, disaster recovery plans and business continuity.

Our expertise

  • Local Area Networking connectivity (switched and routed networks across organizational sites)
  • Wide Area Networking (Metro-Ethernet, MPLS, ATM and E1 connectivity as well as xDSL and DOCSIS cabling infrastructure)
  • Storage Area Networking (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, InfiniBand technologies)
  • Dynamic routing and multicast
  • Industrial networking fault-tolerant solutions (Industrial Ethernet, PROFINET, MODBUS/TCP)
  • Virtual Private Networking and VPDN solutions
  • Secure Networking
  • Network Management Systems (NMS)

Our technology partners include: Cisco, Dell, HP, EMC, NetApp, CA, IBM, IPswitch, Starwind Software,  Open-E and others

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