Industrial Computing

Industrial Computing

Nexus IT Solutions provides sophisticated products and engineering services designed for the industrial marketplace.

Our stuff come not only from the process control and automation, but also from computer software and hardware backgrounds. With such a unique combination of skills, Nexus IT Solutions successfully deploys and utilizes innovative technologies not so long ago considered "Hi-tech only" into the industrial computing arene. Keeping in focus the especial needs of industrial sector, such as high resilience and continuous operations, and backed by best-of-breed technologies from various Enterprise-class IT vendors, we supply a robust foundation for advanced industrial applications.

Since Nexus IT Solutions does not sell any supplier's HMI software or field controllers, our company is able to offer the best solution for each customer's needs, without bias towards any particular control supplier's proprietary communication protocols. Moreover, being completely independent of those vendors allows us to provide audit services, as well as design and build unified IT infrastructure platforms able to support heterogenous equipment from different vendors, with maximum possible interoperability.

Areas of Expertise

  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Fault-tolerant Networking
  • Information Security
  • Command and Control
  • Virtualization and Server Consolidation
  • Business Continuity
  • Hardened systems and Industrial PC

Services and Solutions

  • Assistance in negotiations and supplier selection, supportability and security audits for upcoming complex projects
  • Analysis of the organization's current IT infrastructure and formulating recommendations for improvement/cost reduction
  • Interoperability and unified control for multi-vendor environments
  • Industrial IT infrastructure – addressing services, domain, mail, server farms, virtualization and consolidation(architecture, management, backup.)
  • Design and assembly of highly available industrial networks
  • Compartmentalization and containment of secure production networks
  • Planning and execution of virtualization and consolidation projects, specializing on HMI, data acquisition and process automation servers
  • Systems and network management – software distribution, control, management tools and configuration control (hardware / software, procedures), as well as network management and pro-active monitoring of servers, workstations and embedded systems
  • Legacy systems lifecycle prolongation
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