Proven marine-grade Ethernet switches

Moxa Marine-grade Industrial Switches

An increasing number of automation control manufacturers, such as PLC and field I/O manufacturers, now produce products that come with a built-in Ethernet interface. In fact, Ethernet has become the solution of choice to network a ship's automation systems. The automation control systems work together with the Ethernet communication network to reduce the workload and crew size on the ship by automatically transmitting distributed operation and control information to the control center.

An integrated industrial automation network based on Ethernet can be an efficient and cost-effective solution for the management of large merchant ships, ocean liners, cargo vessels, tankers, and shipyards. Compared to merchant ships, warships are much more sophisticated and require integrating control and monitoring. Ethernet is already becoming a trend for integrating in-ship communication for a variety of large ships.

Nexus IT Solutions prouldy presents Moxa marine-grade Industrial Ethernet switches family

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